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In the recent ten Rolex replica uk years, all the watch factories have been working hard to develop various new material watchmaking to attract everyone’s attention and allow consumers to pull out their wallet.

Among them, Yuzhe and Chanel made the most articles on space ceramics. From the sales performance, or from the well-known in the market point of view, Hublot has achieved great success.

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Perhaps all kinds of trendy replica watches competing for new materials, Rolex also moved, Rolex action, just action.

The use of new materials did not make any publicity, so I first saw in the Macau market Rolex replica uk alloy watch actually did not recognize it, just think gold color is wrong, but did not dare to start buying.

Rolex replica uk

Coincidentally, bronze Rolex replica uk

I remember about five years ago in Macau, the custody of the doll Rolex alloy section is the new six-digit Rolex 118205F, depending on the model is the red gold watch (mantissa 5 is the red gold logo).

but how to look at the color is not right .

The meteorite surface watch that 118205 worn at that time in my hand.

Put together two tables, the color is very different, woo hair table is bronze, followed by a more “F” mark it.

Asked the clerk, the clerk also said not clear, but repeatedly said that the table is good, the table is rare, the table is beautiful! Buy soon!

The special features of this watch, in addition to the table body is bronze, the dial is also very special, dark brown irregular water ripples. This is another lovely place to see such a beautiful design is really the first time.

Moved several times to pay, feel wrong, Rolex red gold did not such a color. There must be a reason, the reason should be clear.

I said to the clerk, not enough money today, go to Hong Kong to find friends to borrow money.

the table for me to retain one day. Subsequently, I immediately took a taxi to the pier and went straight to Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

Tsim Sha Tsui is the watch shop concentrated place, as far as I know there are about more than ten new watch shop to sell Rolex.

The ship went straight to the nearest store, the salesperson immediately welcomed him, he stared at my hands wearing red Rolex, the performance of considerable diligence.

The clerk immediately took out the thick product atlas.

kept saying that yes, there must be, you see is this, this watch wow.

New listing last year, is the only one Rolex alloy friends. Sir you, no.

your friends really have a vision, can fancy the most beautiful table, priced 248,000, 9.5 fold, has the best.


It will remain the same regardless of the sun or years of decay.

F is the meaning of the eternal word prefix. Moreover.

this alloy manufacturing plant, in Rolex’s plant, the formula is  the proportion of platinum . These are what I learned later.

Alloy material Rolex replica uk

Still solved inside the heart of the mystery.

this with “F” words 118205, how much has added platinum?

Lead to pricing higher than ordinary Rolex a dozen percentage points? Make red gold color into bronze, may not need a few grams of platinum, maybe twenty grams.