Appreciation of Rolex new steel case watch

Currently circulating in the market, the new sports labor in 2018, including the new Greenwich and the new King of Ghosts overpriced. Rolex hot models are very normal.

At present, the new sport, Lauri, is one of the hottest watches. This year, Rolex new steel out of this steel version of the red and blue circles, the price dropped substantially, 71800 yuan. With the price 71800, more people can buy it and the wolf meat, so the price high immediately. The brothers familiar with the market should all know that the actual price the red and blue rings in the steel shell five-bead chain in the secondary market has already reached 130,000, and may not be in stock.

Rolex new steel shell five bead chain red blue ring watch

The current situation of steel shells, five bead chains, red and blue circles, for the good money brothers, can naturally buy, after all, for some people, more than ten million is not a problem.

However, from the economic point of view, the red and blue steel ring in the five-bead chain in the new super-price of the new, it is not cost-effective.

The reasonĀ  now the Rolex new steel watches shells chased too high. According to the actual prices of the red and blue circles of steel shells, even the gold Skywalker and the ceramic ring steel disc between the blue plate and the platinum.

However, the public price the 70,000-dollar red-and-blue ringĀ  steel shells is not high compared with the gold skywalker and the ceramic circle Daytona. Therefore, the speculation is too high, and the price difference between the public price and the actual price is too high.

Now. Greenwich is not the hottest sport. We can see from the blue and black rings of steel shells that the prices of blue and black circles have been relatively normal. Therefore, the red and blue circles of the steel shell five beads will slowly fall back. Because Greenwich does not like Didonna.

Rolex new steel only has Dyton’s chronograph, and no other worker can replace Didona, but Greenwich is not. Now the red and blue rings of the steel shell’s five-bead chain are fresh and “fresh”.