Best watches of fake series

Best watches:To speak of the well-known watch brand, watch the rolex uk for many years is definitely in the forefront of the column. “Water Ghost” series, Di Tong Na, yacht Mingshi series watches in the market performance is obvious to all. One of the “water ghost” series of green water ghost, the new steel Di pass is a phenomenon of out of stock. Which shows its hot degree. Recently, the author visited the Emperor watches Wangfujing shop Rolex counters learned that the new yacht Mingshi 37 and 40 have been shelves. But so far the spot is very small, long-awaited little partners to quickly seize this opportunity!

Rolex Yacht Masters Series 268622 watch

So the new yacht Misaki before the red seconds for the blue needle. Highlight the new watch a distinctive feature. Stainless steel / 950 platinum material case to show this Rolex Best watches high cold feelings. In the outer ring Pt950 platinum 60 minutes progressive scale and two-way rotating outer ring with highlights of the figures against the background. Deep rhodium white discs emit a unique charm. So using the unique brand of Oyster stainless steel three-row chain strap, showing the brand distinctive temperament. So watch with a chain crown, with a screw-in triple lock three waterproof system to protect the safety of the watch. 37 mm table diameter is quite law-abiding. Wrist thin or like a small Best watches some of the table friends can consider starting this one.

Rolex Yacht Masters Series 116622 watch

Two watch style and style is almost the same, is the same material is use. But in the head difference of 3 mm. Because this yacht Mingshi 40 more atmosphere. The wrist is relatively stout or like a relatively large dial of the table friends to start this watch. Although it seems only three millimeters of the gap, but the size is much different.

Celebrity yacht is also one of Rolex’s Best watches popular models, the new celebrity yacht design is more cold, more in line with modern aesthetic standards.

Is worth starting to watch the table, we can choose according to personal preferences which is more appropriate. If it is your words. Which will choose it? So far, by the author a rough understanding, only found this store in the sale. It is estimated that long time will be sold out. So look forward to or like their friends may wish to quickly move the store to understand the specific information bar.