Happy rivers and lakes three Classic Rolex watch recommended

At the end of the last century, “Kimura” was a symbol of hedge and “hard goods.” In fact, this is not unreasonable, precious metal material with Classic Rolex watch hedging ability.

“Golden Labor” is indeed a “hard cargo” ability.

Classic Rolex watch  Sunday calendar type series 228238-83418

In the movie “Young and Dangerous”, when the pheasant brother runs omega replica the road, his hand is carrying a piece of “Golden Labor”.

This Rolex Sunday calendar series (DD) case material is 18K yellow gold, bezel is a very Rolex triangular groove texture.

three day power reserve system enough daily needs.

The new DD compared to the previous 41 Classic Rolex watch , a small diameter of 1 mm.

Rolex submariner series 116610LN-97200 black disk

Rolex Blackwater ghost In addition to the well-known 116610LN-97200, 114060 is also known as the Blackwater ghost.

The difference between the two is actually the former has a date display function.

which is shown in the figure above.

Classic Rolex watch

I like 116610LN myself, and I always think that the design of the blisters on the date display window is one of the hallmarks of the Rolex.

lakes three classic Rolex recommended

Of course, the new version of Blackwater ghost in addition to this design is different, the pricing is more “attractive.”

This is also the reason why black water ghosts and even green ghosts are “hard to find”.

Rolex Cosmos Di Tong Na series 116500LN-78590

In my opinion, black is the eternal classic color. And more in line with today’s theme “Hong Kong style,” non-black plate Di Tong Nana.

As a chronograph, Rolex Daytona in terms of precision or design, are beyond classics.

The location of the three sub-plate, the overall color of the disk surface and ceramic bezel  are in the most overthrow way to interpret the classic.