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Classic rolex: between the gold and blue water to the cabinet there are hot blue black GMT spot waiting for you to experience

Rolex “Water Ghost”, one of the most popular watches as a swiss rolex enthusiast. Their excellent performance, the Rolex brand reputation pushed to a new height. Until today, the heat of the water ghost continues to rise. Recently, the author learned that the Beijing Xidan Harmony World Watch Center.

Because rolex between the blue and blue water ghost new arrival. Set the water of the classic ghost of gold and gold, luxury as one. And then Yingying blue dial into which to show a great beauty. In addition, the black blue bezel of the Greenwich dual time zone watch is also one of them. Heart of the table friends will seize the opportunity to buy as soon as possible.
Rolex pioneer series 116613LB-97203 blue plate watch

The so-called “labor” eternal, speaking is the Rolex has always been a rock-solid quality and outstanding timepiece function, life has a labor enough. So rolex pioneer series of watches, both the classic diving watch, but also the same type of time model. If the black and green water ghost color design visual fatigue. Then the design of gold and blue water ghost is definitely like the choice of Classic rolex friends. Regardless of the bottom of the sea or attend the dinner, “Water Ghost” watch can be managed in a variety of occasions.
Rolex Greene Type II Series 116710BLNR-78200 watch

“Inter Milan” Rolex GMT watch from the first glance to show full of charm. When the summer, a blue and black wrist watch for the wrist on the inch to bring a trace of cool texture. So practical function, not only to this Rolex as the essence of time functions to play to the extreme. And design eye-catching and natural black and blue two-color ceramic ring, but also for the second time zone to add a time to design a sense of freshness. Showing a unique sensory enjoyment, is the Rolex watch, very popular watch.

Near the Dragon Boat Festival, in addition to hot Classic rolex watch. Xidan shopping malls also held a full amount of consumption to send gifts to send festive activities.

Is a good time to buy the table, intends to purchase the table of the table friends, may wish to see. Take advantage of this Dragon Boat Festival, start the table of love.