Classic watches of fake rolex

Classic watches rolex uk:Sometimes feel that the election table is like the other half. In case of people, one is enough, because her customs million. My favorite watch is Rolex’s Day-Date, enduring. Four precious metals and different materials with the color of the disk, it is indeed thousands of customs.

The appearance of the timepiece is to serve the human. In the form of tools into life. And for Rolex Day-Date, since its birth is a pure luxury. In 1956 for the first time come out, Rolex Day-Date (Oyster-style calendar calendar) watch only gold or platinum style. It is also the world’s first watch on the surface both the calendar window and can show all the weeks of the watch. Inherited the Rolex Oyster constant-action table waterproof, dustproof, and eye-catching blister calendar display. And only the use of precious metals casting, once the advent of popular celebrities favored.

The first Day-Date Ref.6511

The first Day-Date fitted with Rolex Cal.1055 movement. The movement to the degree of non-card spring and screw fine-tuning balance so that this Day-Date at the time has been to maintain a competitive advantage. Then, after experiencing changes in the number of models of the watch models, sapphire crystal mirror to replace the acrylic mirror, increase the stop seconds and other functions. In 1988, we are familiar with the Cal.3135 movement appears. Day-Date also put cal.3155 based on cal.3135 added week show. Today, some of the sale of the Day-Date watch is still using this movement.

Day-Date II

Classic watches Rolex Day-Date II was launched in 2008. Consider the aesthetic changes that people are changing. Will increase the diameter of the table to 41 mm, canceled the leather strap. All with precious metal headband and crown clasp. It is the Day-Date pushed to the pinnacle of all precious metal watch. Movement also used with high shock resistance and anti-magnetic Parachrom gossamer and the new Paraflex shock absorber Cal.3156 movement. Accuracy and stability have been further improved.

In early April saw a file Harden’s interview. Although only the lens of the thing. But was immediately attracted by the watch on his wrist. Is a Day-Date II, pure gold with the most common white flour. But it is a sing and the beauty is very pure.

Wait until this year in May Rolex new preview, I discovered this year Day-Date 40 also out of white face color. It is beautiful people suffocate.

Cal.3255 movement

Day-Date 40 as Rolex 2015 launch of the main flagship Day-Date series of watches. Its appearance in the two made a change, one case diameter reduced to 40 mm, more suitable for wearing wrist. Second, the Roman numerals change the shape of the font, it is more slender and simple. Using a new generation of Cal.3255-type movement, which has only 14 patents of the new movement, in the precision, power reserve, shock and magnetic performance reliability are very good. This movement also represents the Rolex’s most exquisite movement of the current technology. Even hidden in the bottomless oyster case. But still use gold sleeve and other technology.

Last year’s green rose gold Day-Date 40 is very stylish, green coated dial. The sun’s radiant form gives the green a bright shine. Accompanied by rose gold red metal color, quite reasonable.

And this year’s new white face children are painted white dial. Dial through the repeated painting and heating cycle. Showing a flawless white, coupled with high purity gold time scale, purely clean. Make this Day-Date 40 more luxurious and solemn.

Classic watches:If you can only have a good table in my life.

My table must be Rolex’s Day-Date. Members of the table friends, you most of the table that is what?