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Do you say that this is disrespectful to other participants? No, I just happened to wear on a, happened to later leisurely observation, nothing more.

There are many three-dimensional structure under the light, it will look very deep. I often criticize the hate and love the automatic Breguet, although not a watch, but also suitable for wearing at night.

Because party places are generally from top to bottom of the direct light, will show the three-dimensional structure of the watch, so exciting and eye-catching.

As the party place the light, the original is not too good table, there will be superior performance. Such as Fashion rolex red pomegranate gouge, will be on the party to show a very extraordinary color, like the water on the lake.

While the other two generous diamond ring Di Dayong, there are extraordinary performance. So one seemed domineering and deep, the other seemed domineering and luxurious.

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I rarely participate in a lot of ladies to participate in the party, do not know what they wear table. In my imagination, it should be Breguet’s Naples as the best choice. So this is a circle of circles, watch circles, women love bezes are aware of the brand.

I have no say in the female table. Casually talk, except for the choice of Naples. Should be the Fashion rolex gold and silver with a series. Because of the popularity, a high degree of recognition Conditions, it should have a beautiful Fritillaria face or drill surface.

Dai Zhengzheng table attendance party, is serious, convergence and low-key choice. From this point of view, if the party is not too particular about the watch, the table is very correct option.

Dress table at any time do not have problems, but after all, is the dress table.

Play to a certain extent will find a better performance than the dress fashion rolex watch personality, more suitable for the environment.

More able to render the atmosphere of the table.

So with the “divide into two” dialectical point of view. All kinds of tables have reason and wear reasons. And even reason and theory is not exhaustive, it is out of the small track, this left for later discussion.