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Hot selling rolex:We often play table play table, in fact, some tables are not so fun, at least not you want to play on the move. Gold rolex uk is such a category, I do not doubt that the vast majority of people can wear the watch is the gold watch. But the bracelet is gold, it is not the same, we often can not suppress, that is the meaning. Many people wear gold watch, looks like a nouveau riche. But some people will not, so I always thought that Daikin table will be picking people.

Rolex Sunday calendar series 228235 green disc watch

hot selling rolex

To mention the gold watch, I think we must first think of Rolex’s Day-Date. There are too many historical legends about it, summed up on the two. One is very valuable, one is very identity. Rolex DD is the flagship series in the brand, the whole series of products are precious metals.

Although the current Chelini also use precious metals. But not the status of DD and par. So this watch with Rolex patented eternal rose gold material production, with the first type of table chain, green dial. Very low profile but full of personality. Disk of the Roman scale all with a faceted polished gold scale combination, three-dimensional sense of strong, very luxurious. Watch with a 3255 self-winding movement, strong performance. Rolex is currently the forefront of technology patents. Wear it, is the winner of life.

Rolex MILGAUSS series 116400-GV-72400 black plate watch

Rolex Milgauss series of watches in 1956 research and development, has become a pioneer of anti-magnetic table. The original design for the professional field, in fact, reached more than 1000 Gaussian anti-magnetic ability. This 116400-GV-72400 watch, commonly known as “green glass”, black dial with Oyster case and strap.

Hot selling rolex:Black dial classic generous, time scale and pointer with easy to read Chromalight luminous display and long-term blue light material.

Unique lightning pointer and green crystal mirror, making this watch different. Built-in anti-magnetic soft iron can withstand up to 1,000 gaussian magnetic, protect the movement from interference. And equipped with Rolex pioneered paramagnetic parts, to ensure accurate operation.