Low-key luxury connotation of Rolex log watch

Watches through history have been accumulated to now, even now look more and more rich tools, but still loved by people, sought after, the watch can not see the watch tool is so simple, as hobby or decoration, collection … … are reflected Personal taste.

This is a low-key wrist rolex replica, loupe, between the astronomy and geography, physics, mathematics … … human wisdom together. Rolex is one of the low-key luxury watches have a meaning.

Low-key luxury connotation of Rolex log watch

Model m126334-0017, case material is 18k white gold – stainless steel (904L stainless steel and 18ct white gold combination) Water resistant to 100 meters

Whether from the aesthetic elements or excellent features, Rolex log watch are classic watch model. This watch is made of steel, stainless steel indestructible and platinum noble and noble, the perfect combination of the two is fascinating;

Rolex log watch

Black dial classic introverted, hour mark made of 18ct gold, the exclusive invention of the Rolex magnified calendar window, easy to read;

Oyster strap with oyster buckle, adjustable chain can be extended 5mm, in all cases are comfortable to wear. Watch in the high-profile and restrained between the ease of control, unwittingly reflect the taste and content.

Low-key luxury connotation of Rolex log watch

Among the Rolex, the log type 126334 among the brand new one of the more good watches. Although the amount of stainless steel, but the triangle crater bezel to build platinum watch, watch into a luxurious atmosphere.

And heritage series proud of the design of oyster case, highlighting the brand’s exclusive charm. Equipped with 3235 mechanical movement, with 14 patents, built-in new Chroner escapement system, power reserve of about 70 hours.

This replica watches also received Rolex 2015 outstanding observatory certification, to ensure that the watch’s precise travel time and excellent quality. In addition, the brisk design of the blue disk is also the crowning touch, giving the Rolex log watch a superior sense of enjoyment. If worn everyday, then this watch good choice.