Luxury automatic watches of rolex

Do not be late, straight into the topic. Originally before the show, I wanted to write an article, and you players to discuss the current market Rolex DATE JUST status quo. But taking into account the table near the show. Do not know Luxury automatic watches in this year’s show will be what kind of release arrangements. So the delay did not write. According to Rolex in the past, Rolex has introduced the use of the new 3235 movement of gold gold between the 126333. Then the platinum ring model and the steel model will not be far, even if this year is not out. Over two years will be out. Sure enough, this year’s Basel Watch Fair Rolex released the use of the new 3235 movement 126334 and 126300. I think, to discuss with you when the DJ.

So and this year’s Basel Watch Fair Rolex released the red word bubble eye sea dweller, month cut Chelyni, “color candy beans” yacht these “super hot” compared to the new luxury watch. DJ using the new 3235 movement is not very compelling. During the show, brush burst friends circle are Rolex’s “super hot” model. So new DJs are barely concerned. But I am very clear, for me, for a large part of the players.So these “super hot” Rolex regardless of the current degree of extreme, hot or increase the rate of increase, the average player is difficult to buy. For the large number of ordinary players, the new platinum ring / all-steel DJ, is more practical. Have the actual purchase of the meaning of Rolex Luxury automatic watches. From this perspective. 126334 and 126300 is the most important Rolex this year, is also the most worth buying Rolex.

Rolex 2017 new DATE JUST 41 mm 126334

Rolex 2017 new DATE JUST 41 mm 126300

The new Luxury automatic watches DATE JUST includes two major models.

Respectively, is white gold dog teeth ring steel plate 126334 and aperture all steel 126300. Under the two bezel models, the style of the package is also included (the model does not change). According to Rolex Luxury automatic watches DATE JUST the most important of the three types, dog teeth gold between gold, dog teeth platinum gold, aperture all steel. Now DATE JUST all updated. All new 41 mm DATE JUST has been using a new generation of 3235 movement (DJ also includes all gold models, not covered here).

According to the configuration of Rolex DATE JUST. Gold gold between the 126333 configuration the highest, bezel, crown, the middle chain are K gold. The highest price.Because platinum of gold between the 126334 dog teeth circle is platinum. The other is steel, the price in the middle position. Aperture 126300 bezel, case, chain are steel, the lowest price (aperture has eternal rose gold version). Luxury automatic watches this year, the newly released platinum gold between the gold 126334 and steel 126300 further reduce the price of the new DATE JUST. Plus DATE JUST full range has been replaced. There is no any uncertainty and concerns, I think now we have to consider the time to continue to buy the watch.