Luxury watches of fake series

Luxury watches:Do not be late, straight into the topic. Rolex and Omega are a pair of “enemies”. Side of the famous watch each are tit for tat. Rolex has a ghost, Omega has hippocampus. Rolex has Daytona, Omega has super, Rolex has DD, Omega has a constellation. So Rolex and Omega “incompatible” until one day, Rolex and Omega also “hit the face” of the. “Hit the face” is the Rolex and Omega enamel table. Rolex watches and Omega watch dial exactly the same. Yes, except for the “crown” and “resistance” on the disk, the other is exactly the same.

Things are so, in history. As Rolex and Omega have ordered a dial to the same enamel artist. So there Rolex and Omega watch disk “hit face” situation. So the enamel artist painted the same pattern for Omega and Rolex. The same pattern, different brands, the results are different.

Rolex Poseidon Enamel Tables (top) and Omega Poseidon Enamel Tables (below). We can see that the two tables are the same.

So the enamel table with the same pattern is the Rolex 8382 and the Omega 2767-6 SC. Both watches are pictured by enamel artist Nelly Richard (sold by Stern). Two Luxury watches dial painted with cloisonne enamel sea god and hippocampus pattern. Because patterns taken from Greek mythology. The pattern of Poseidon is Greek mythology Neptune. He holds the trident and manages two hippocampus. He was the guardian of the sea sailors, protected the sailors from sea storms and blessed them to catch enough fish to be rewarded.

Very interesting is that Nelly Richard for Rolex, Omega draw the same cloisonne enamel dial, the price charged is not the same. It is understood that Omega’s Poseidon enamel dial Nelly Richard receive 86 Swiss francs (eventually Stern sold at 155 Swiss francs for the price of Omega). Omega’s piece of enamel disc is the most expensive. Because to the Rolex dial received 68 Swiss francs, drawing Patek Philippe dial received 60 Swiss francs. Nelly Richard worked for Stern in the 1940s and 1950s. Unfortunately, days of jealousy, died at a young age.

Rolex Poseidon Encyclopedia Details.

So the two watches were auctioned at different auctions. Rolex in Fu Yi Si shoot, Omega in Antiqu. Gu Lun shot. Rolex’s valuation of 300,000 to 600,000 Swiss francs, and ultimately to 394,000 Swiss francs shot, about 2.76 million yuan. Omega’s valuation of 25,000 to 45,000 Swiss francs, and ultimately to 90,3750 Swiss francs shot, about 680,000 yuan.

Omega Poseidon Encyclopedia Details.

Because two Luxury watches are relatively high transaction prices, but Rolex is clearly higher.

I think on the one hand is Rolex in the enamel table production than Omega less, another important reason is. This is only produced in 1953 Rolex even have “unusual” 37 mm caliber. While the same pattern produced in 1952 in the Omega, the size was then mainstream 34 mm. 36 mm is a watershed, 36mm and 36 male watch. Now is able to wear a hand, 36 the performance of some of the following do not wear a hand (see personal preferences). Of course, the different results of the Omega and Rolex also reflect the different degree of acceptance of Rolex and Omega.