Oyster perpetual calendar watch of fake rolex

Diary 41 mm is the type of Oyster perpetual calendar watch large family models in this section. Rolex in the size of the grasp very cautious, even if only the gap of 1 mm, must be careful.

Diary smaller than the size of a 39 mm style. But that is 2 mm, there is a world of difference in their hands. In 2016, Rolex log 41mm launched a total of two styles. This is one of the diamond scale section, relative to the “five-bead chain” to be much simpler. Is a good choice for fashion business men.

Rolex registered Rolesor as a trademark in 1933. Since then, the combination of gold and steel has become one of Rolex’s signature features. Rolesor combines these two metals: gold and steel. Corresponding to this watch. It represents the combination of eternal rose gold and 904L stainless steel.

So the middle case has a unique shape and is cast from a solid piece of solid 904L steel. swiss replica watches crown with a double lock on the patent double waterproof system, firmly tightened in the case. Mirror made of blue crystal, easy to scratch.

Because this new diary 41 gold watch with a commemorative strap. Under the outer ring of the new hidden connection. Make sure the visual effect of seamless connection between strap and case.

Log type 41 equipped with 3235-type movement, this new generation of movement by Rolex R & D and manufacturing. This new self-winding mechanical movement is the culmination of the watchmaking process. With 14 patents, this movement is excellent in terms of precision, power reserve, shock resistance, magnetism prevention, comfort and reliability. Perfect display of Rolex’s superb technology.

Compared to the previous diary 41 mm Oyster perpetual calendar watch.

So the biggest change in the new style is the use of the 3235 upgrade to replace the original 3135. So this will bring more prominent performance watch.