“Oyster Whitening” Daytona watch of fake series

Classic Tour Rolex Ref. 6263 “Oyster albino” Di Tonguo watch

One thing we can not deny. That’s the refined taste of Eric Clapton. So this is most evident in his musical compositions. But in the meantime. He also uses it in all aspects of his private life.

Eric Clapton is a fanatical car collector, especially Ferrari. He also likes to collect all kinds of antique watches. From the collections of Eric Clapton, who appeared on the auction. We can understand. He specializes in the rare styles of leading brands such as Rolex watch. Rolex Ref. 6263 “Oyster Whitening” Daytona rolex watch was once part of the collection of the famous musicians.

So the unique feature of this watch is that the chronograph sub dial (and small seconds) is not black with white print. It is the same silvery white as the rest of the dial. So this is why the replica watches uk is named “Albino”. Sub-dial is not completely colorless, Moreover, the silver background. Against the background of the black speedometer. Because the chronograph blued steel pointer becomes clearer.

Because the result is a very elegant rolex watch. But it is therefore more impressive. Let Di Tong take this rare unique. Except for Eric Clapton, who owned it all. It is still one of four “whitening” Daytona watches known to date. More importantly, from the bezel to the chronograph button, to Caliber 727 manual winding movement. Everything is authentic.

“Oyster Whitening” Daytona watch:Rare rare Daytona, especially the prominent background of the special timepiece.

In recent years the auction price has been skyrocketed. 2015 year. So the Rolex “Oyster Whitening” Daytona watch old for 1,325,000 Swiss francs, earning huge returns for Eric Clapton. Because just a few years ago, he bought the rolex watch price of only 505,000 US dollars.