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Popular watches fake rolex:Do not be late, straight into the topic. Now the market flow of Rolex you are already very familiar with, in addition to talk about the market changes, there is nothing to talk about. So, here I will show you some rare Rolex, we can grow knowledge together, increase the fun. Of course, in addition to Rolex, encountered other special watches. I will be timely to share with you. I want to show you today, Rolex’s “dragon” table.

Rolex 6085 enamel dragon watch

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Although today, Rolex only produce simple features watches, not involved in complex tables and a variety of processes. But Rolex in history is still very versatile. Rolex Although there is no production of any complex table. The most complex of the table is the history of the calendar and the current calendar calendar day day.

But Rolex produced some enamel tables. Rolex’s enamel table I feel very special. Because you look at the other brands of enamel table are very thin, very fine dress table case. Only Rolex, is in a sports style with Oyster-style case to do enamel. People have a “Tigers sniffing rose” feeling.

Rolex 6085

This only the Rolex 6085 enamel table, is known as the “dragon”, because the disk is filigree enamel dragon. The Rolex of the Rolex is the same as the other Rolex enamel tables, all ordered from Stern’s dial factory. The man who painted the dragon was also Ms. Nelly Richard, who was mentioned in the Rolex, Omega Enamel article. She is enamel experts, to many brands do enamel disk, unfortunately, premature death.

Rolex 6085 details

This dragon of the Rolex is a European-style dragon. This dragon is very fine, delicate. If we look carefully at the dragon’s color, we will find that the dragon body, the tail of the color are shades, changes in light and shade. Around the dragon is surrounded by a number, the diamond shape of the scale of the time scale and 12 points Rolex crown.

So far, through expert research, Rolex only five dragon pattern enamel table. The dragon on each table is not the same. Because enamel can not burn exactly the same pattern. So that every watch is a solitary product. In addition, this watch is used in 18K gold chain.

Rolex 6085 details

Popular watches:The dragon of the Rolex was valued at 500,000 Swiss francs to 1 million Swiss francs at that time.

Eventually sold for 670,000 Swiss francs, about 4.65 million yuan.