Recommended Rolex new red and blue circle GMT watch

In 2018, to say that the world’s watch the hottest, it must be non-Rolex new red and blue circle GMT Ref.126710 is none!

Naturally, many of their favorite watch friends have no chance to see the real thing. There are inevitably many small questions in the heart. The core selected Watchoosy as the “grounded gas watch” media, naturally to do the grounding gas thing, so we found a new red and blue circle GMT Ref.126710, holding the real thing on the issues that everyone care about, talk about it, Share some of their unknown stories!

Since the birth of the GMT series in 1954, the outer ring has evolved over three generations. From the earliest plastic materials to aluminum alloys, until the Cerachrom ceramic outer ring began in 2005, the first Cerachrom ceramic outer rings are all black. In order to distinguish between the day and night in the second time zone.

In 2013, Rolex launched the world’s first integrated blue and black two-color Cerachrom word circle. The firing of such a two-color ceramic ring is very difficult because of the need to control the “color between two colors” and “the boundary between colors.”

Rolex Greenwich II Series Red and Blue Circle Watch

In the era when the strap can be selected, the Rolex GMT  with the five-bead chain belt is a little more expensive than the sash-type strap. Because the five-bead chain belt  parts and scattered, the processing will naturally complicated. The benefits of such a fine watch section are more in line with the wrist.


But there are two disadvantages at the same time. First, if the hand is thick, it is easy to clip; This time I got a brand new Ref.126710. When I didn’t use it, and I didn’t install the meter head, I already had obvious signs of sag, not as strong as the sash strap.

From the appearance and function, the five-bead chain belt has some obvious “disadvantages” compared to the enamel-type belt. However, due to the inability to keep the old users who bought the platinum model cool, Rolex is resolutely in steel.

Usually at the six o’clock position on the dial, Rolex prints the words “Swiss Made” made in Switzerland. However, this year’s red and blue ceramic ring GMT has added a small crown between the two words. At first it  thought that the anti-counterfeit logo on the sapphire mirror reflected on the dial.