Recommended Rolex Women’s Journal Series Watch

Both the value and quality of the mechanical female Rolex Women’s Journal-type series, as the title said, girls in the selection of the table when the value is not everything, where the “value” is “worth buying” Second is “true value “. Both face value and quality, the average female may be more in appearance, the performance of the watch is not very clear, but the choice of a good brand, generally not too bad, high price but good value for money.

Rolex Women’s Journal Series m279174-0002

Watch Comments: watch diameter 28mm, whole body made of white gold and enamel steel, gold and charming, and the perfect combination of stainless steel, stainless steel, gold steel is also a clear Rolex logo, is also a distinctive feature of the enamel style. The girls’ powder dial, which the girls couldn’t resist,  made 18ct gold. Most the processes were done  hand. They were exquisite and beautiful. The three-point location featured a Rolex calendar display with a convex lens that was easy to read.

Women's Journal Series

The Rolex 2236 movement in the watch. It is not affected magnetic interference and temperature, and it maintain regular operation in any position.

The unique design of the Rolex Women’s Journal Series watch reflects Cartier’s elegant style. The 33mm model and the guilloché on the dial are exquisite. The Roman numerals deviate from the track at the blue crown, which is especially chic and beautiful. The iconic groove crown , Inlaid with a convex circular synthetic spinel, low-key, restrained and elegant. The Rolex Women’s Journal Series watch equipped with a self-winding movement with a 30-meter waterproof and a watch with a medium-thickness of 9.96mm, which is light and easy to wear. Table style personality wild, both value and quality, is indeed a good choice.

The Rolex Women’s Journal Series has a diameter of 32.7mm, a light silver dial, a silk texture, and a woven texture. The watch a stainless steel case, with gold-plated dot scales and polished arched Roman numerals. Firstly, It has a retro charm and is exquisite. There is a calendar display window at the six o’clock position. The function is simple and practical.  Rolex Women’s Journal Series style is still relatively simple, with diamond elements revealing elegant temperament, you can manage any occasion.