Relogios masculino 2017 of rolex watches

Relogios masculino 2017:Rolex Chelini series watch is to commemorate the Italian artist Chelini, Celini is a sculptor, jewelry craftsman, art theorist is excellent writer, he is a versatile character. In his cosmology to maintain a lot of derived from the Renaissance of individualism factors.

He was highly praised by the Pope Pope, the Grand Duke of Florence, the French King. He is the representative of the decorative faction in the style of sculpture. So he was the only artist who advocated the restoration of the heroic spirit in the sculpture. Today, watch home for everyone to bring a series of Rolex Chelini watch review. The official model of the watch is 4233 / 9BI.

This Rolex Chelyni series watch overall appearance of solid and stable. Reveals a kind of after the baptism of the mature and wise temperament. Very suitable for a certain experience of successful men. But also for the pursuit of classical taste of the taste of men wear.

This Relogios masculino 2017 is 32 mm in diameter, retro pillow case to 18K rose gold and platinum to build. Showing a warm and mellow elegant retro taste.

The mirror uses a dome sapphire glass. So the subtle curves of the mirror show the classical style of the fake rolex watches Celian series as always.

Crown with 18K white gold to build, on the chain feel comfortable. It is not put it down, crown the top of the Rolex Crown logo. Highlight the brand extraordinary king of temperament.

So this watch is equipped with a brown alligator strap. So the color of the strap is very good to create a retro style. Natural crocodile skin texture for this watch to add a bit domineering.

Unique case layered design to watch this watch from the side, it is extremely slim and elegant. And actually brought in the hands but feel thick and reliable, full of materials.

Lugs and 18K white gold case as one design, and 18K rose gold thick bezel fusion, simple and smooth lines. Almost linear design highlights the distinctive artistic temperament.

So this watch uses an easy-to-use needle clasp, clasped with a classic Rolex Crown logo. Subtle among the extraordinary.

Dial inner ring with a coal gray, and decorated with corrugated machine engraved pattern. The outer ring is a low-key black, printed on the outer ring with a simple white hollow time scale. The overall look of the dial looks elegant and low-key.

Dial 12 o’clock inlaid with a 18K rose gold Rolex Grand Crown logo as a time scale. Highlight the brand domineering full of bold style.

6 o’clock position is also inlaid with a 18K rose gold three-dimensional standard. Combined with 18K rose gold pointer, brand name and series name, to create a perfect “gold center”, showing a balance of beauty.

So this watch is equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement, using a close design. The bottom cover carved with the Rolex brand logo, flower body handwritten “Celini”, the bottom of the edge of the carved with a beautiful pattern modification. Exudes a unique classical charm.

Summary: Each Rolex watch is the perfect combination of professional and technical craftsmanship. This watch classic case design, that is mature and stable, but also exudes a unique literary atmosphere.

Relogios masculino 2017:Whether you are full of wind and froze successful people, or elegant taste of literary youth.

So this watch must have become your wrist on the darling. At present, the reference price of this watch is 58,800 yuan.