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Originally thought that this year’s BASELWORLD, is a more peaceful year. With a steady and simple atmosphere. 2016 difficult industrial environment, although occasional small wind waves. But the trend is toward the pragmatic look closer to the Replica rolex. Yes, at the beginning of the swiss replica watches show, watch the Swiss front team back to the information of the time. This idea collapsed in an instant.

The new timepiece not only as I predicted in advance as “placid”. Anti-road has become a road of the ground Again and again beat me has long been unable to suppress the surging heart. Watching a constant file compression package. When I received them, I had a long-awaited gift that I could not wait to open. Greedily looked at the BASELWORLD brought us another watch feast.

As early as before the time to do the market material, I vaguely feel the Rolex Celian series to start the force. Whether it is a sudden hot up the leather strap. Or itself is different from the traditional Replica rolex watches design, are Rolex more “fresh” design material.

Throughout the table altar, special Replica rolex watch the fate of the existence of two extremes often exist.

One is buried in the ocean of the ocean, one will be reborn, become a generation of classic. It is a great honor to say that Celini became the latter. (Real people really) even in my colleagues and shooting material that short time, there are customers into the store seconds under the Chelini 50519 blue plate models. Visible, this series of Rolex watch market prospects and out of control heat. But the simple dial function. More like a hint: Chelini watch hidden potential of the urgent need to develop.

This is not at this year’s Basel Watch & Jewelery Fair. Rolex began on the Chelini’s “transformation plan”, the first to launch the Celian moon phase new timepieces. The first time I saw it was the night in a circle of friends in front of Switzerland. But he predicted that the new sea is hot, and I will be the first glimpse of the moon phase of the “poison” to.

In view of the Rolex moon phase watch is very rare, so we can see this watch on the brand weight and significance. 39 mm Eternal rose gold, equipped with Rolex 3195 automatic winding mechanical constant movement. Was “small” triangular pit bezel to see the whole watch more smooth and delicate. Both to retain the classic bezel, but also added a new watch look. Serve two purposes Colorful 18k rose gold with large moon disk plus date “track plate” design. Let the watch presents a unique visual enjoyment, it is impossible to stop.