Replica watch of luxury series

Replica watch:Classic model of classic fake rolex watches
Whether it is an eternal aesthetic elements or excellent features, Rolex log type is a classic example of the Replica watch. From the aesthetic point of view, different types of log-type watch after years of baptism. Still retains the original aesthetic elements. And its traditional Fake rolex watch, but also become the history of the most famous, one of the highest degree of identification of the watch.

Model Features
Golden bright and beautiful, teach people fascinated. Stainless steel stands for sturdy matchless and reliable. The two harmonious integration, and other characteristics of the perfect combination.So Jin Gang is a truly distinctive sign of Rolex, as early as the early 1930s has been configured in the Fake rolex watches. To 1933 formally registered trademark name. This is also one of the salient features of the Oyster series.

Model Features
Due to mother of pearl is a symbol of mysterious charm and pleasant surprise. Depending on the source, mother of pearl may be pink, white, black or yellow. In addition, its color depth and structure can also be removed in the shell which part of the difference. Rolex never used artificial colored mother of pearl. With the extraordinary skills of craftsmen, for each mother of pearl blooming its natural beauty and retain the original color. Each mother of pearl dial is unique and unique.

Model Features
Rolex strap and buckle design, development and production process. As well as the need to pass the rigorous testing are fully applied to advanced technology. Like the other components of the watch, strap and buckle will be the same person to view. To ensure that the product is beautiful and flawless. This flexible and comfortable five-row chain metal strap. Especially for the 1945 launch of the Oyster-style constant-motion log-type watch set up

Model Features

The latest women’s log 28 with Replica watch rolex developed 2236 self-winding mechanical movement.

This movement built-in Rolex patent Syloxi silicon gossamer, ladies watch for the introduction of excellent astronomical station precision time performance. This gossamer is not disturbed by magnetic field. Even in the face of temperature changes, is still very stable. Its seismic strength than traditional gossamer ten times higher. Its patent geometry so that the watch in all positions to maintain the law.
Small window convex lens can enlarge the calendar display, easy to read. It is not only a major feature of the Rolex watch, and easy to identify.