Rolex Day Date series m126334-0011 watch

All along, we have been brought into a vicious circle by inertial thinking. It seems that diamonds are exclusive to women. Men wear diamonds to look a little bit like mothers. This is not the case. Diamonds never divide gender, but women wear diamonds more beautifully. Temperament is more different. Hong Kong people not only like the Rolex Day Date but also the Rolex with diamonds. This is not unreasonable. In addition to the sound  strings, the men’s watch with gold diamonds does indeed have a good charm, but not all of these aesthetics are The company has such a profound foundation that it can be shown.

To say that men’s watches with gold diamonds, Rolex Day Date  is often the first choice, of course, if you do not care about the money, then the choice is very large.

This Rolex Day Date type of log, personally like it, its appearance is relatively low-key, stainless steel case, 18K white gold pit bezel does not look like other precious metals as the garish, the black dial is the classic wild, but will not attract attention The only diamond inlaid, people think it is indeed a very stylish watch. Rolex is very picky about gems. The diamonds used for men’s watches are not only large, but also the bottom is a square gold drill, and the whole looks very angry. Men wearing a  Rolex Day Date  watch with diamonds are very personal, not only elegant, but also very tasteful, wise, and have an elite feeling. Coupled with the internal use of the new 3235 automatic movement, it should be said that it is a very stylish men’s watch, is also very fashionable, more young.

Rolex Day Date series m126334-0011

Product Model:m126334-0011
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Movement type: Automatic machinery
Movement model: 3235
Case material: white gold steel (combination of 904L stainless steel and 18ct white gold), triangle pit outer ring
Waterproof depth: 100 meters

Diamond-encrusted men’s watches, although not rare, have set just right to prevent the men’s watch from being too stingy. At the same time, it is not easy to extract the elite qualities of some men. The constellation series of coaxial watches is one of the few watches that possesses this quality. The constellation series has become famous for a long time. The dial has a star at 6 o’clock and the surrounding 11 diamonds are set with a time scale.

Charm, 18K gold bezel and bracelet link axis, make the watch full of modern temperament. The number of small diamonds embedded in the Roman numerals on the bezel is still very characteristic. 38 mm case diameter, very classic. The golden dial is suitable for more mature men to wear. After all, it is too young to light the gold.

Rolex Day Date series,Men’s wrist watch can also be drilled

Of course, for men, the gold Rolex Day Date watch is undoubtedly the most attractive, and who does not want to wear a real gold watch, after all, it not only represents something, but also makes themselves more face. The case is  18K rose gold, polished on the surface, bezel-encrusted, very fine and very advanced. The silver-white dial is elegant, with three-dimensional gold labels and hands evoking a tantalizing lustre.

The blue steel pointer embellishes the watch with a touch of youthfulness. The only thing that people feel is slightly lacking is that although the number of diamonds on the bezel is quite large, it is a small diamond after all. It looks a bit stingy  the men’s watch, and a full circle  diamonds is too decoratively decorated, so it is suitable more elegant men. Wear it.