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that is Rolex Daytona .

Eric Clapton’s refined taste.

This is most evident in his musical compositions, but at the same time he uses it in all aspects of his personal life.

Eric Clapton is an avid car collector, especially Ferrari, and he also loves collecting vintage wrist Rolex Daytona watches. From Eric Clapton’s collection, which is on sale, we learn that he specializes in the rare styles of leading brands such as the Rolex. Rolex Ref. 6263 Oyster Whitening Daytona was once part of the famous musician’s collection.

Rolex Daytona

The uniqueness of this rolex replica watches is that the chronograph sub-dial is not black with white print but rather the same silvery white as the rest of the dial.

which is why the Albino is named. Sub-dial is not completely colorless.

Moreover, the silver background, against the background of the black speedometer.

the time bluing steel pointer more and more clear.

very elegant watch, but it is therefore more impressive. To make this Di Daytona unique, in addition to Eric Clapton once owned.

known to four “Albino” Daytona watch. More importantly.

from the bezel to the chronograph button.

to the Caliber 727 manual winding movement, everything is authentic.


Rolex Daytona fake replica watches online


The founder of rolex replica Hans Wellsdorf although born in Germany.

but at the age of 24 moved to the United Kingdom.

and where laid Rolex became the world’s most famous watch brand foundation.

I believe this experience for Rolex Allied prisoners of war to provide booking services.

Rare and as well as the refusal to sell watches to the Nazi army has a great impact.

rare Daytona, especially the prominent background of the special timepieces.


2015 Rolex Ref. 6263 “Oyster Whitening” Daytona watch was sold in Swiss francs.

earning huge returns for Eric Clapton as he purchased just .

few years ago The price of this watch is only US dollars.