Rolex Ref. 6085 “Dragon” filigree enamel watch

Rolex antique watch many branches, each has a dedicated collector’s group.

Some people like “Paul Newman” Daytona, some people prefer the Red Indian submarine type, there are people Stella calendar weekday type.

Some of Rolex’s most coveted timepieces are with exquisite filigree enamel.

such as the Ref. 6085, nicknamed the “dragon.”

recentlyThe watch’s dial Rolex replica in collaboration with Stern Frères, the Geneva-based Enamel watch maker.

Thanks to the record keeping and well-preserved, we can even confirm that the enamel artist who  this unique dial is Nelly Richard.

Enamel watch


When it comes to filigree enamel dial, Nelly Richard somewhat legendary. she created a lot of fascinating dials for Rolex, Omega, and other brands.

Cloisonné enamel dial the beauty of the main color depth and subtle changes in shade.

Looking closely  the dragon’s limbs and tail, you will find  them are highlighted in graded tones, demonstrating the mastership  the enamel perfectly.

So far, only five  “dragon” filigree enamel dials are known.

And each is  with different models of Rolex watches, making them essentially unique treasures.

Rolex Ref. 6085 “Dragon” filigree enamel watch

Not only that, but also the use of different firing processes for overlapping enamel powder will not produce the same result even for the same image created by the same artist.

As part of the complex enchantment of filigree enamel .

The watch retains the original 18K gold bracelet, not only to maintain the original.

But also to add luster to the appearance.

But also to add luster to the appearance.In November 2016, the Rolex Ref.

in the first place 6085 “Dragon” filigree Enamel watch was Genesys in Geneva.

recently valued at 500,000 to 1 million Swiss francs and traded at 670,000 Swiss francs.