Rolex Log Series Watches Cool Girl Type Recommended

Although sweetness and gentleness are the characteristics of girls, more and more women are entering the ranks of pretending to be cool. Whether it is the streets or the fashionable street, there are always “smelly” cool girls. They often wear tough and neutral elements in their outfits;

Such as cool dark eyeliners, wearing leather jackets and Martin boots, and abandoning pure sweetness and gentleness to infuse their own image. Hormones show a capable, self-willed nature. The three Rolex Log Series watches recommended today, although not women’s money, will help you to become a more charming cool girl!

Rolex Log Series 126334

Although “Log 41” is a beautiful and elegant men’s watch, its simple but metallic look the cool girls, especially the stylish and deep blue dial, which has undergone radial wire drawing. Increased its gloss, showing the beauty of the quality of the wrist. The 41 mm is slightly larger for girls’ wrists, but harnessed. The recognizable appearance also shows the brand’s unique design and excellent performance.

In particular, the highly cold 18K white gold triangle bezel and the “ROLEX” veneer on the inner circle are attractive. This watch also won the Rolex Log Series Watch Certified Observatory established in 2015 to ensur.

That the watch’s precise travel time and excellent quality. I believe that it will have a stylish appearance and excellent performance, it will help cool girls will play cool to the end.

The chronograph with a strong sense of mechanical operation is not only loved by men but also one of the timepieces that some girls admire.

Rolex Log Series

The 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock small seconds and 30-minute counters visually flatten the entire disk,

revealing a well-balanced and harmonious design aesthetic. With a black crocodile leather strap, the entire watch looks even more mysterious, elegant and charming.

For the first time in the series, Rolex Log Series watches known for their ruggedness and atmosphere have introduced 38 mm “small caliber”

new products that will enable more small-handed people to control their products. This new product happens this demand and it is believed that it will make it even more attractive. Many women fall in love with this unique timepiece brand. In addition.

The signature classic many display brands preserved, such as pillow cases, patented crown bridges and classic small three-pin design. It also incorporates a rich strap color to make the watch more lively.