Rolex luxury of replica watch

Recently, we learned that the Beijing Xidan shopping center Harmony World fake rolex Center has Rolex Rose gold yacht trail. So they immediately visited the Rolex luxury brand where the store. While enjoying this rose gold yacht at the same time. Also see the brand many classic watches are also sold in them. Which will have this to introduce the new Explorer I watch. Here, take a look at it

In 2010, Rolex’s explorer series of watches to become friends in the hearts of popular watches. Commonly known as “exploration one” (explorer generation) it not only in the technology have a greater upgrade. And retains the brand series is always the same Shente elegant style. Which was subject to the watch enthusiasts of the widespread concern. 2016 new launch of this adventure watch, modified the pointer. Added a 3/6/9 o’clock scale of the luminous part. And therefore have a more obvious difference between the old paragraph.

Simple and generous, stylish and beautiful black dial, with the time scale and the central pointer to form a sharp contrast. And both are covered with fluorescent moieties. Even in the dark environment can clearly read the time, very convenient.

Inheritance Brand Oyster Case Simple and bright line design. So that this watch no matter from which point of view, have shown a fresh and dynamic sports Fan children. After careful handling of the brand after the case, full color material, smooth lines. And 904L stainless steel polished outer ring complement each other, very beautiful.

So watch the side, with the same material crown. Engraved on the Rolex LOGO pattern. Brand recognition full. As we all know, Oyster-style case is not only simple and beautiful. And excellent waterproof performance. Is the ideal Rolex luxury watch case in the case design.

Because equipped with Rolex independent research and development of the 3132-type self-winding movement. Received the Swiss official accreditation recognized certification, security travel time accurate. So the end of the process to protect the watch excellent waterproof performance. Plus Oyster case and bracelet, full of reliability.

Oyster-style bracelet and brand patented waterproof clasp
It is report that in the brand 2017 after the new exhibition, part of the table on the shop to sell hot. But as this year’s ultra-public price of the new sea and last year’s explosion “water ghost” watch is still out of stock. Shelves a very short time to be purchased.  So want to buy this type of watch watch friends need to make an appointment in advance to buy orders.

So green water ghost Rolex luxury watch orders are discharge to next year.

Even when we visited, there are friends to ask the green water ghost source of the situation. Fortunately, here the rose gold yacht and a new class of classic and there are cash. So like a friend, may wish to come here to see!