Rolex oyster chronograph of fake classic watches

October 26, PHILLIPS Fu Yi Si Twentieth Century watch auction held in New York. The auction to the twentieth century legendary watch for the theme of the auction, to participate in the auction of 50 auctions are also the most legendary high quality of the last century. The scene actually shot the price of 17,184.4 million yuan, watch auction once again to break the historical record. “Paul Newman” How did Ditten’s come? Except it. What are the watches that are worthy of attention?

When the “Paul Newman” Daytona will be in the Fu Yi Si auction appeared on the news. Collectors have been unable to convergence excited mood. Many people have to ask, it and the general Di Tong in the end what is the difference? What makes it worth a valuation but not directly labeled “Estimate in excess of $ 1,000,000” (more than $ 1 million)? From the perspective of the watch itself said. It is really different from the general Daytona.

“Paul Newman” Daytona disk details of the map

In the time figures on the rolex replica uk using the art of decorative fonts. At the same time the end of the time scale there is a small square. In addition, the dial outer ring is also different from the ordinary Dieton series – minute scale and dial center there is a small separation between, and compared to the ordinary Ditong Na in terms of. Use red as the time scale for color. And it is very little of the world, which has become one of its rare reasons. And “Hollywood star Paul Newman born most often wear,” the title, but also for this watch to bring some legendary colors.

The auction of the 6239 production in 1968, to today has been close to half a century of time. But it did not polished polished later. Still keep the most primitive look. And this only disappeared nearly 30 years of “Paul Newman” appeared, it means that it will not bleak exit. The transaction price of RMB 17.84 million also broke the record of “the most expensive watch in history”.
Lot.25 Rolex Oyster Chronograph “Jean-Claude Killy” 6236

Rolex oyster chronograph:In the most complex old Rolex, “Jean-Claude Killy” is a sign.

It will triple the calendar and the perfect combination of timepieces. Rolex oyster chronograph is the first one is the only one with Oyster case triple calendar chronograph. In the history of Rolex, the continuation of the 6236 style combined with more modern design. Rolex design more in line with modern aesthetic watch models. But only 6236 after nearly 60 years. Still able to maintain such an incredible phase – relief facet, blue digital scale around the dial of the fine details are still well preserve. Even connoisseurs can not help but praise. This is a rare watch.