Rolex submariner series black plate watch

Rolex should be the most popular watch brand consumers, and basically all series have a lot of loyal fans.

So for those who purchase watch, if the first watch to buy Rolex watch, which should be selected.

black plate watch  the most-purchased rolex replica watches in 2017, is also the most purchased watch in all watch models.

It uses 40 mm 904L stainless steel case and bracelet, black dial and black ceramic rotating bezel, classic dial design.

Date display window at 3 o’clock.

black plate watch

Carrying the Rolex classic 3135 movement, although the 3235 movement introduced.

But in 2017 it only spread to the log type.

As to when to reach the submarine series is still uncertain, but this still can not stop the table friends They love the “black water ghost”.

Rolex Submariner “Green Ghost” watch, second place is the black plate watch type “Green Shui Gui” watch.

And its sought after extent of this table this table has a premium, beyond the Price.

With the same configuration as the Black Guys, its green dial and green  a certain extent, increased the fashion of this watch.

Rolex submariner  series black plate watch

Rolex, how many friends in the same heart God’s presence, circulating a word in the world “there are two kinds of watches in the world.

One called Rolex, one called the other table”.

Rolex Greenwich II series “Pepsi circle” watch, Greenwich’s “Pepsi circle” watch, is also a favorite of the watch like a watch.

The  black and blue two-color  table friends also said As “Pepsi Circle.”

Functionally, Greenwich is clearly  for frequent business travelers who can show the second time zone time.

But also through the bezel rotation shows the third time zone time.

Rolex 3186 self-winding movement, equipped with Parachrom gossamer, which effectively prevent the watch from impact or temperature changes. Its construction is identical to all Oyster movements with unparalleled reliability.