Rolex watch of fake series

Rolex watch:”Book of Changes” Gua Gua said: “days Xingjian, a gentleman to self-improvement.” Chinese culture is heaven and earth is dynamic (the fact is also the case). The so-called “days Xingjian”, which will always be moving. So to “gentleman to self-improvement”, Jiaoren to follow the example of heaven and earth. Keep moving forward forever.

Rolex watch watches see complex features, which has been focused on the functional and practical aspects of the use. Not just for the complex and complex. Like the submarine series can help divers more dart to complete the diving operation. GMT helps pilots to master time in different time zones.

And Di Tonga type is to let the racing player to grasp the speed more accurate. These distant classic series. Has continued to replace the replacement of money, is still hot. Perhaps, these classic series alone. Rolex can hold up half of the clock industry. However, the brand itself has been willing to stop before? In 2012, Rolex launched the most complex series of Sky-Dweller for Sky Business travelers.

As Rolex is now in the sale of the most complex of a watch series. Although complex, but still adhere to the brand simple and practical purpose. Sky-Dweller brings together 11 patented technologies each has its meaning, no fancy.

Sky-Dweller series watch dial layout can be divided into three parts. Location time, departure time, and calendar date. The location of the time shown as the traditional central hour hand, minute hand and second hand instructions, the clock can be independently adjusted. Move in one hour or counterclockwise, when the time is set.

Does not affect the operation of the minute hand and second hand, it will not affect the time of departure display. In addition, the watch will not stop when the operation, to keep the time accurate. The following are the same as the “

Dial on the rotary off-axis disk to show the second time zone, that is, the departure time. The fixed red inverted triangle mark under the crown indicates the time of the wearer’s departure. 24-hour display disc can clearly distinguish between the departure time zone of day and night, to facilitate the wearer and the origin of contact.

Rolex watch independent development of the calendar system, known as the Saro calendar system. The name comes from the “sand cycle” astronomical phenomenon.

Unique month display. It is displayed by 12 small windows on the outside of the dial clock mark, with bright red mark. This set of Saro calendar system is only in the Rolex watch common jumping calendar added four gears and two sets of gears. It will achieve the calendar function, people stunned.

Sky-Dweller not only read when the simple and simple, and its implied function can also be easy to be all by the crown to adjust. This exquisite lies in Sky-Dewller’s pit on the ring.

Unlike the usual Rooster Oyster Wristet, Sky-Dweller is equipped with a Ring Command to rotate the outer ring. You can adjust the bezel position with the crown easily adjust the watch the function.

Ring Command outer ring can rotate three cells, the first grid adjustment date and month. The second grid adjustment time, this setting will change with the journey into different time zones.

The third grid and the last grid is used to adjust the departure time, just start the off-axis disk and minute hand can be. At this point the movement will stop the operation, so that the watch set to precision seconds.

In the Sky-Dewller mid-level case side, between the teeth and movement. Install a vertical axis to allow both to interact. The top of the Maltese cross-shaped converter, driven by the pin on the rotating outer ring. So that the vertical axis in each adjustment position turn a quarter turn. Below the ordinary cross-shaped converter, and the movement within the functional control device.

But slightly protruding from the edge.
And in order to ensure the Oyster case waterproof performance. It also adds a apron at both ends of the vertical axis of the middle case. And then with the bottom cover and screw-in crown of the apron. To ensure that Sky-Dweller oyster series of other watches, completely waterproof, and not affected by impurities such as dust.

As Rolex watch in the sale of the most complex watches.

Sky-Dweller in 2012 after the release of a long time only carrying precious metal case. In this year, between the two gold watch the advent of gold stainless steel and platinum stainless steel combination, reducing the threshold. The former price of 16,300 Swiss francs; the latter only 13,700 Swiss francs. More with now very popular “royal blue” dial, people just around the corner.