Sodal dish Rolex watch

Rolex to dignified, practical, not flashy style widely loved by successful people.

However, the rolex replica is highly accurate and with high durability.

Rolex watches more special, is sodalite disk. These special disk Sodal dish Rolex can meet the demands.

And we all around the water ghost, DD, DJ, GMT, Exploring the second is completely different.

However,Sodal dish Rolex sodalite dialtona, sodalite known by name contains sodium, there are a variety of blues.

in the first placeIt is  to be an important component of the lapisme mine, the two easily confused.

Sodal dish Rolex

generally speaking In the official literature said lapis lazuli sky from the blue stone, sodalite, pyrite, blue stone composition, composition and color vary.

generally speaking Only a dark blue with a little yellow copper pyrite was considered top grade.

However, sodalite almost no brass-like pyrite spots, and the proportion of lower,replica watches sometimes with mineral white calcite texture.

Sodal dish Rolex DJ

However,Rolex watches super beautiful, I have seen many years of sodalite gem side, like this blue so pure, with very few.

in the first place Sapphire on the Sodal dish Rolex bezel is  the photo, the blue is black, flawless, bezel processing  .

in the first placeSome people use the sea to describe the “blue” color, in fact, the blue sea is discolored. Morning, noon and evening sea is completely different.