Swiss replica watch of antique chronographs rolex

Do not be late, straight into the topic. Now the circulation of the Rolex on the market you are already very familiar with. Apart from talking about market changes, there is nothing to talk about. So, here I will show you some rare Rolex. We can all grow together to increase our enjoyment. Of course, in addition to Rolex, encountered other special watches. I will also be used to share with you in time.

Antique chronographs are usually the most sought after favorites. However, one thing to note is. Most antique chronographs, which were produce before the 1970s, are generally smaller in size and have a diameter of 34 mm or less. So this is one of the special reasons Rolex Ref. 3330 chronograph.

Of course, the size is only one aspect, Rolex Ref.3330 chronograph unique than that. So the swiss replica watch has a stunning rose gold case, and with an orange pink dial. So the black and blue time-scale numbers further amplify this combination, giving the fake watches a rich depth of depth. In addition, the leaf-shaped pointer also play a role, giving this watch a more rich retro charm.

The size is not the only “modern” element of the Rolex Ref. 3330 chronograph. At that time, most of the gold case polished, light can be Kam. However, this watch with satin brushed finish, unique. Amazing is. The watch is in very good condition. People wonder if it really experienced decades of sharpening time. Especially the lugs of the angular plane. The appearance of the effect is perfect, add a magnetic charm for this watch.

The dial is perfect, with three smaller time plates. So this makes it more apparent size. So the watch was produced in 1941, is a “former Oyster” chronograph, equipp with Valjoux movement. At that time, Valjoux manual winding chronograph movement is a high-end watch brand. Such as Rolex, the favorite choice.

Swiss replica watch:In November 2016, Fu Yi Si produced this watch, the transaction price of 598,000 Swiss francs lower than the highest valuation of only 2,000 Swiss francs.

So this result is not surprising. Because Rolex Ref.3330 this is a rare and attractive chronograph. Not to mention its new condition as a whole