Swiss watch of luxury rolex series


Swiss watch:After Rolex’s new 126334/126300 came out. The pattern of the rolex replica DATE JUST on the market has changed. DATE JUST on the market into three camps.
The first camp is the use of a new generation of 3235 movement of 41 mm 126333,126334,126300 (between the rose gold is 126301). These three new DJ just came out, into the Rolex store.

Because just released, into the secondary market is limited. Into the store in accordance with the wages to buy the Swiss watch, the price is relatively high, the price is no advantage. But the new generation of DATE JUST has the current DJ in the most perfect disk ratio.

Pointer, dial, bezel, crown, size size ratio coordination, perfect, unparalleled. A new generation of 3235 movement has obvious technical advantages, regardless of including CHRONERGY escapement, including technical details.

Do not talk about the ball bearing automatic Tuo and pin-type difference, just 70 hours on the power of more than 3135 a lot. So this is what we can see, feel that, the real advantage (after all, 3135 is now +2 / -2). With our most familiar words is, early to buy early to enjoy. But early to enjoy the need to spend more money.

Rolex new DATE JUST 41 mm 126301
The second camp is the previous generation using 3135 movement 41 mm DATE JUST II, ​​116333,116334,116300 and so on. For the use of 3135 this generation of 41mm DJ I have two points to say. First of all, when Rolex in order to follow the trend of large Swiss watch, launched a 41 mm DJ.

Some players on the previous generation of 41 mm DJ views are mainly concentrated in the proportion. Because the size from the original 36 increased to 41, bezel, pointer, crown the size of the proportion of some players that there is an uncoordinated place.

Such as the pointer feel short, crown was small, bezel wide. This problem and the previous 214270 probe the same (that the case is large, the pointer is short), to see the personal likes and dislikes. My second thing to say is that although some players think there is an uncoordinated place.

But this did not affect the value of 41 mm DATE JUST II. The previous generation DJ II price is not cheap, the secondary market price is not low. Especially the gold between the gold of the 116333 and platinum gold between the 116334.

I feel that in some time the price and some go up (aperture 116300 is relatively cheap). Without a word, even if there are players that there is not perfect place. But the size of the absolute increase of 41 mm DJ II luxury sense. Wide shiny dog ​​teeth is very luxurious, the price is not stable or not to accept more people.

Rolex used the previous generation 3135 movement on the DATE JUST II on the 116333, the next 116,300. This article I deliberately use the official website of the Rolex, only DATE JUST II is not. Because the official website has no such a model of the DJ.
The third camp is the use of 3135 movement of 36 mm DATE JUST, 116233,116234,116200 and so on. I always think 36 for Rolex is a very magical size. If you change the Swiss watch for other brands, 36 to the current vision is certainly small. But this theory does not apply to Rolex. 36 mm is the classic size of Rolex, 36 mm DD, DJ has a perfect disk ratio.

There are Western Swiss watch enthusiasts view that now the latest generation of 41 mm DJ 126333,126334,126300 is actually the overall magnification of the 36 mm DJ perfect ratio.

Because 36 mm DD, DJ continued production never stopped, never changed, 36 DJ but I think it has been able to buy the model.

As long as you do not feel small to get started. I recently saw a lot of 36mm DJ sold, the number of lots, the price is not high, I was thinking, how is this going on? Is it a 36 mm DJ starting clearance? Is the 36mm DJ in this year have a new action, old models are starting to sell? However, after the Basel show, Rolex did not have any action on the 36 mm DJ. This year, 36 mm DJ seems to be able to buy.