2017 The most popular Rolex ranking

At the end of each year, many watch magazines, watch websites, and even fashion media will do some charts to summarize the watch worth buying for a year.

This list, both at home and abroad, there are many, all the watches are not the same. Of course, I want to start with the popular Rolex ranking, a favorite of all the brothers.

The third place Rolex Red Sea model 126600

Scarlet Sea is this year’s popular Rolex ranking one of the hottest table, I think no one will deny it. Of course, I just put the Red Sea word in No. 3 for a reason.

Rolex launched this year, a new sea 126,600, from the inside out, the subversion of the old sea before the 116,600, that change is quite large.

The new Sealer to expand the size of 43 mm, plus a magnifying glass, the disk became the red word, but also with a new generation of 3235 movement, everything is new.

So a red word sea to launch a, do not want to think, surely immediately stir up.

Of course, the reason why I put the Red Sea in place of No. 3 is that the red sea did not stay strong like the ceramic ring Di.

Second place Rolex Daytona Model 116500/116508

Sometimes I really think that rolex replica is absolutely “intentional”, the ceramic ring Di Tongna this table control at a very low level of production. Or how these years have passed, 116500 market or a little did not drop it?

I had a question before, all popular Rolex ranking, who is the most cattle labor.

popular Rolex ranking

Ceramic ring Di Di’s price is 90,000 5, the new full set of about more than 120,000 (white more expensive, black cheaper).

And Di Tongna a more cattle is, not only ceramic ring Di strong firm, and even Jin Di’s market has also started to rise up.

Green face Jindi 116508 is the hottest Daytona this year. Golden shell, green noodles look good, like a lot of people.

From the second half of this year, the market price of Lvdijindi starts to rise.

The beginning of the market is still 180,000, after not long, it rose to more than 190,000, and it is not easy to take, you need to wait.

The first popular Rolex ranking green ghost model 116610LV

From the beginning of this summer, popular Rolex ranking ghosts market all the way up.

Think a few years ago, the ghost in my heart is feeling more than 50,000 tables, the result this year.

The new green ghost price from 60,000, 70,000, ultra-price, and even some people out of 80,000, 90,000 price.

Green ghost and I work on this list different ah.


Many players know that popular Rolex ranking two years in the gradual replacement of the movement.

With a new generation of 3235 movement to replaceĀ replica watches the 3135 movement.

According to the current process of Rolex, it is estimated that the water ghost will soon be changed.