Waterproof rolex watch of fake classic series

Recently, by the author to understand, Beijing Xidan shopping center Harmony world watches center to a new Waterproof rolex watch new goods. For the middle of 2014 Rolex special launch of the D-Blue disk DEEPSEA watch, commonly known as national rice plate King of Ghosts. Or blue black disc king of ghosts.

Rolex’s ghost in the watch circle has long been well known, and represents the Rolex and even the industry adventure diving depth DEEPSEA watch. But also because of its 3900 meters of water depth and was regarded as King of Ghosts. This watch, since the launch in 2014 will be popular at home and abroad friends concerned. Now, it once again appeared in Beijing, the price of 90,000 yuan.

Rolex DEEPSEA 116660 watch

In 2014, Waterproof rolex watch in order to commemorate the famous director and diving explorer Cameron in 2012 successfully arrived in the depths of the Mariana Trench Challenger abyss. Especially released this DEEPSEA rolex replica watches. Cameron’s adventure depth. Reaching 10908 meters, breaking the world record, together with the potential.

There is also a Rolex dedicate DEEPSEA CHALLENGER watch, waterproof depth of 12000 meters. This feat was loaded into the annals of deepwater diving adventures. Rolex 116660 DEEPSEA watch also uses a very interesting blue and black gradient dial. To mark the process from the shallow water to the deep sea to the deep dark trench to commemorate the process.

With the extension of the Rolex patent extension system

This watch and early all the black disk DEEPSEA in the configuration is no different. Only the dial design has changed. But obviously more fashionable and younger and more popular. 904L stainless steel case, case size up to 44 mm, thickness 17.6 mm. Can withstand the pressure of 3.1 tons, the table mirror thickness of 5.5 mm, canceled the magnifying glass. Bottom cover with 5 titanium metal. Bezel with Rolex patented Ring Lock system, case design row helium valve.

Waterproof rolex watch:Strap design Retractable Glidelock extension system, extending the strap to 20 mm.

Watch built-in 3135 self-winding movement, the new models through the top Rolex certification Rolex. Daily error plus or minus two seconds. Bezel for black Cerachrom ceramic word with platinum digital coating and scale. Dial using easy-to-read Chromalight luminous display with long-lasting blue light material.