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Women rolex:From February 19 this day, it entered the Pisces month. Pisces often give people sentimental, love fantasy, love the impression of dreams, so the symbol of the purple seems to have become a representative of Pisces color. rolex replica home today recommended three purple ladies watch, whether you are not Pisces. If you like purple, I believe there will be a favorite you

Rolex women’s log series 279135RBR eggplant color dial watch

women rolex

This Women rolex watch is not only a symbol of the dream of the purple dial. Case and bracelet also uses warm tone of the rose gold material, Rolex watch used by the rose gold for the Rolex independent research and development of 18ct eternal rose gold. Glossy lasting more to maintain the beauty of the watch.

Watch the purple dial, inlaid diamond timing, 18ct rose gold diamond base will be marked when the time scale, read more clearly easier. When dial 3 is located, a date display window is available.

The Rolex logo on the window is design to be easy to read. This watch diameter of 28 mm, bezel set inlaid diamonds, diamonds reflect the light and shadow more fantastic colors. Watch with Rolex 2236 automatic winding mechanical constant movement. The movement is certified by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC) and offers approximately 55 hours of power storage.


Do not know if we look at some of the watch when the article has not seen some dual time zone watch can see three time zone time? Wrist watch surface is only a second time zone pointer, why this watch can display three time zones? In fact, you can display three time zones.

Mainly with the watch ring with the magical effect.

Of course the Women rolex watch must be a rotating bezel, by turning the bezel.

The time at which the second pointer points to the bezel is the time of the third time zone. So after the time to see the time of the third time zone at a glance.

Rolex Greene Type II Series 116710BLNR-78200 watch

Two-color ceramic ring Greenwich watch, very good a dual time zone watch. By simply setting its bidirectional rotating bezel, you can list the time in three time zones.

Since the launch of this watch has been widely concerned about the market is currently on the market watch one of the most popular watches. With the Rolex brand effect and patented blue and black two-color ceramic bezel, absolutely worthy of such a price. If you want to buy a solid and durable dual time zone watch. This watch is definitely the best choice.