This year’s ceramic version of the Pepsi watch

In 2013, Rolex launched the Grenache II in blue and black circles, revealing a watchmaking technique with a ceramic two-tone bezel, which has caused watch fans all over the world to raise expectations for the ceramic version of the “Pepsi”. In the second year, Rolex launched a new generation of ceramic “Pepsi” in red and blue, but it was a platinum model. The domestic price of 315,800 RMB was only affordable for a small number of people.

In 1954, Pan Am, the world’s largest airline, was then hired by Rolex. It that Rolex could specifically design a Pepsi watch suitable for shuttles to various time zones. Rene-Paul Jeanneret, public relations director of Rolex, who  contact with Pan Am, is a sports enthusiast himself and is often involved in the design of the Rolex sports Pepsi watch. After consulting with Pan Am, he decided to combine the two forces to jointly develop a new type of Pepsi watch.

Greenwich ceramic version Pepsi watch

In the end, Rolex launched the first Greenwich model in 1955, using a red and blue bezel, made of two-tone Plexiglas. In terms of movement, Rolex chose the Cali:1036 movement, based on the Cal:1030 movement, plus a 24-hour indicator gear and a new date dial.

The Greenwich II now talking about the Rolex launched in 1982. Prior to this, it the Greenwich model. The Greenwich-type traditional hour hand, minute hand, and 24-hour hands all work synchronously. The new calibre the Greenwich II allows the clock independently tuned, even more simple and intuitive. In 2005, Greenwich II finally replaced the monochromatic Cerachrom ceramic outer ring.

There are three aspects of this Rolex Greenwich watch, of course, is the ceramic version of the “Pepsi”,  the real thing very beautiful, ceramic material so that more vivid and bright red and blue. The second that it with a five-bead chain, which makes many people feel a little unexpected.

Pepsi watch

This point I think it is necessary to say that although Greenwich is a sports Pepsi watch,

but it is also a precedent for the assembly of the five-bead chain in history,

but only after a ceramic ring, this is the first time. The third point is the new calibre Rolex Cali.3285 calibre that it carries. The new Rolex calibre is finally on the Greenwich II this year. This movement will not say much, and it really improves the previous generation of movements. A lot of them, only this move to 70 hours of storage is very convenient

for the occupants at home on the 6th.

In view  the popularity  the popular Rolex models the past two years,

many people think that this will over 100,000 price. I personally think it will be a premium but it should not be so high. Greenwich II itself does not have the “Hydrin” line of that kind of high popularity. Last year, I counted the number of Rolex Pepsi watch purchased by watch owners in 2017. Green Ceramic II watches are black ceramic watches.