This year’s hottest watches

The last month of 2017, it is time to talk about the new tables for each brand throughout the year. What are the best selling ones? Most popular among consumers.

Bear Rolex’s Sky-Dweller (Skywalker), Sky-Dweller is with features that are very useful.

This year’s hottest watches

The calendar and the two places, and with the traditional calendar display is different, Sky-Dweller’s calendar¬†rolex replica shows very Special, only this one, no semicolon.

Prior to this Sky-Dweller are with precious metal case, the price of 300,000 yuan or more.

The threshold is relatively high.
hottest watches

This year,  129,900 cents introduced and 109,900 platinum rings were cheaper.

so these two hottest watches popular this year and are now over-priced.

Audemars Piguet color series Royal Oak Offshore, with white, dark blue, bright yellow, yellow green and orange dial design.

42 mm steel case, with the same color as the dial rubber strap, sporty.

This year’s hottest watches

Big three-pin plus date display with the function, in terms of pricing cheaper than the timing a lot, 149,000 pricing, start a lot lower threshold.

Blancpain’s 50 MIL-SPEC hottest rolex replica, many people do not like the new 50 appearance, although the price cheaper than the old models, but too concise, so not significant.

The movement has also replaced the Tudor self-production movement, the price than the Rolex rangers A lot cheaper, also let a lot of people are not so comfortable at heart.

Departure Biwan series in addition to the original wife’s leather strap or steel chain, will also send a woven strap. Shop is out of stock across the board.